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Dr. Mike Fruendt attended Northwest University, University of North Alabama, and Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He and his wife Becky have lived in the Huntsville community for many years and attend Farley Community Church. Dr. Fruendt belongs to Business Network International (BNI), and continues his education by regularly participating in chiropractic conferences throughout the Southeast.


Health First Chiropractic is a regular participant at local health fairs, teaching people about health and chiropractic. Health First has a bi-annual Patient Appreciation Day, where, for the price of two canned goods items, patients get free food and a free adjustment. The canned goods go to local charitable organizations, such as the Food Pantry at Hillwood Baptist Church and the Rose of Shannon, to help feed the hungry in our community.


Dr. Fruendt believes that health and wellness are the natural birthright of every human and we all have a responsibility to ourselves and our community to help maintain our health. Your body knows what to do – it’s up to you to give it the right tools for a lifetime of health and wellness!

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Hillary McKissack, Chiropractic Assistant, has worked at Health First Chiropractic since December 2012. She is married with two children, ages 3 and 6, who are patients at Health First Chiropractic. Hillary has been a chiropractic patient for most of her life. She experienced severe acid reflux as a child and was seen by medical doctors and took prescription drugs for the problem, but chiropractic care was the treatment that actually improved and eventually resolved her acid reflux problem. Hillary is the daughter of Dr. Mike and Becky Fruendt.


Nancy Delk, Chiropractic Assistant, first worked at Health First Chiropractic from 2005 to 2007. She  recently returned to work at Health First Chiropractic in June of 2016. She has been a patient here since 2004 and has referred many of her friends and family. Nancy is married and recently completed her Masters in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).


Becky Fruendt, Dr. Mike's wife, is one of the owners of Health First Chiropractic and has worked here since opening day in October of 2001. She and Dr. Mike have been married 22 years and both their children have been under chiropractic care most of their lives; their son received his first adjustment when he was just 3 days old. Becky worked as an elementary school teacher in Marrietta, GA, while Dr Mike was in school and she has been under chiropractic care since 1997.

Hillary McKissack at Health First Chiropractic Nancy Delk at Health First Chiropractic Becky Fruendt at Health First Chiropractic Dr. Mike Fruendt at Health First Chiropractic